Art By Brady

Barbara Brady specializes in seascapes and water related paintings.


ArtbyBrady featuring the oil on canvas paintings of artist Barbara Brady welcomes you to a world of brightly colored ocean related, relaxing, timeless artwork.

Serious Beach and Ocean art!


Brighten up your life! Make your walls come alive!


Artist Barb Brady


An old sailor's tools of his trade.

This is a scenic view of a lazy day on the coast of Clearwater Beach, a perfect day for sailing, The boats in this painting belong to an old sailor who has had them for years. His story is told in the painting, you make up the ending.

Art by Brady

Barbara Brady has been painting for over 40 years, she started in water color and eventually found that oil on canvas suited her talents more. She is very fond of beach and ocean scenes, her work can be purchased in print form on


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